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I love the way Jared looks at Jensen and waits for him to realise what he said and then they both just laugh together. 

By the way, the question was about their favourite music style. I got distracted by all the teasing

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sebastian stan: chris evans is so awesome. he is like one of my brothers. literally, we show up, we laugh, we talk about our weekends, and then we get back to work. i give it my all, he gives it his all, and i feel so comfortable with him in terms of… you’re doing extremely physical and sometimes dangerous stuff. 

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There is a word on the street is that you might be, in fact, at some point leading a new team of heroes. What do you think about this theory I have? x

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J2 + Jared’s amazing memory and Jensen “Short-term memory” Ackles

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Random Edit - 156~157/?

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"When people say ‘This is my baby,’ they don’t always mean a baby. Sometimes they mean a dog."

A Somali student, on what has surprised her most about the United States. (via africandogontheprairie)

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well he wasn’t lying about one thing

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i want someone who’s never seen b99 to explain this screencap


is this live action cowboy bebop

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I love my skin!

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